Leah Poller CV

LEAH POLLER – RESUME 2000 – 2023


2023 “I Love Bronze”, Jiang-xi inaugural Museum exhibition
2020 Shanghai International Artfair, China (Postponed to 2022)
“Leah Poller – Bed, a language of its own”, Wei Legang Museum, Shanghai, China (postponed till 2022)
“The Art of Breath”, Asheville, NC
2016/20 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, China
2019 “Urban life”, Manhasset Pubic Library, NY, as featured artist
Harlem ARTWALK, featured artist, NY
2015 Biennale of Female Sculptors, Beijing, China: “What Materials Say”: Made in China –
special one-person exhibition: First foreigner selected, Zero Gallery
2014 “Double Dare” – A Tribute to Fred Ho, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY
2013-14 “Mirrors of the Soul –special tribute to legendary jazzman Fred Ho” – Knox Gallery, Harlem, NY
“Beds Made and Unmade” – Yellow Peril Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island
2012 “In & Out of Bed” – Galeria Lelia Mordoch, Miami, Florida
“Beds, Money and Mattresses” – Capital One Bank, Tribeca, NY
2011 “Harlem Bedtime” – Strivers Art Circuit, New York, NY
“Leah Poller – Bedtime Stories” – Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY
2010 “Bank on Beds, Part IV” – Capital One Bank, One Penn Plaza, New York, NY
2009 “Under the Mattress” – in collaboration with Milan Luxury Linens, New York
2008 “Bank on Beds, Part III” – Capital One Bank, One Penn Plaza, New York
2007 “101 Beds… A Dream in Bronze” – Galeria Vertice, Guadalajara, Mexico
2005 “Camas y Suenos” – Museo Regional de Michoacan, Morelia, Mexico
2004 “Camas – y mas camas” – Galeria del Anticuariato, Morelia, Mexico
Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (CONACULTAH) Morelia, Mexico
2003 “Bank on Beds – Part II” – Fleet Bank, Empire State Building, NY
Soaringwords.org charity for children stricken with catastrophic illness, NY #Realities VII” – Arnot Museum, Elmira, NY
“Ciento – y – una camas” – National Museum of Morelia, Mexico
“Dream Awake” – The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, Fordham University, New York
“Manhattan to Mexico…and Back” – The Mexican Cultural Institute, New York
2002 “101 Beds” – Galleria Dante, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2001 “Leah Poller – 101 Beds” – Edward Dean Museum, Palm Springs, California



2021 “At Home”, (Elan Cadiz) Living With Art, NYC, curated by Connie Lee
2019 “Oriental Legends”, Leah Poller and Mei Lu, Hui Space, Beijing
2017 Leah Poller and Amy Cheng, ACA, Hong Kong
“Bedazzled”, Leah Poller and Mindy Lam, for the benefit of Planned Parenthood, Jay Gould Mansion, NY
2012 “Bedtime Confessions, Leah Poller / C. DeMedeiros” – Art Flux, Harlem, NY



2021 “60 over 60”, Brooklyn Waterfront Art Center (Curator’s Choice)
“Lost and Found”, NYAC, New York
“Telephone”, a global art event
“Memory”, New York Society of Women Artists
“Arsenal Gallery”, NY Parks Department
“Art of Denim” Monmouth University Gallery
2020 “Someone Will Remember Us, Even from Another Time”, Culture Lab, Long Island City, NY
“Signature Market Days in Santa Fe”, Signature Gallery, Santa Fe
“Celebrating Women”, El Museo del Barrio, NYC
“Project Projection”, Artformsus, Harlem, NY
“Arsenal Gallery”, NY Parks Department
“The Portrait Made New”, Portrait Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama
“Female Gender Identity and Equality”, NYSWA, Iona College, New Rochelle,
Signature Gallery Artists, Santa Fe, NM
2019 “Between the Lines” NYSWA, Blue Mountain Gallery, NY
“Urban Life”, as Featured Artist, Manhasset Public Library, NY
Gallery artists, Signature Gallery, Sante Fe New Mexico
The Portrait Made New, Equity Gallery, NYC
2017-18 “Cabinet de Curiosity”, ArtinFlux, Harlem, Urban Confessions, Outdoor
2016 Art Flux, “Flower Bed”, installation, Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem
2015 “The Cultural Nomad”, Confucius Center, SUNY, New York
2014 “Made in China,” Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
“Small Works”, International Sculpture Conference, New Orleans
2012 “101 Beds… A Dream in Bronze” – Galeria Vertice, Guadalajara, Mexico
2011 “The Great Nude Invitational – Javitz Center, New York
“Tossed and Found” – Stanford Connecticut Business District 14th Annual Sculpture Walk, Stanford, CT
“A Dream in Bronze” (A Selection) – Galeria Vertice, Guadalajara, Mexico
2009 “On Aggression” – Philoctetes Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Imagination, New York
2008 “Senderos Mexicanos, Part VI” – Museo Regional de Michoacan, Morelia,
México and Centro Cultural, San Angel, Mexico City
2007 “Senderos Mexicanos, Part V” – Museo Regional de Michoacan, Morelia
“Senderos Mexicanos, Part V” – Centro Cultural San Angel, Mexico City
“Reminiscence” – Grounds for Sculpture, The Johnson and Johnson Foundation, Harrison, NJ
2006 Annual Conference – Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, Fordham New York
“Senderos Mexicanos,Part IV” –  Museo Regional de Michoacan, Morelia, MX
2005 “Senderos Mexicanos y Vuelta” –  Museo Regionale de Michoacan, Mexico
2004 “Art Miami” – Artempresa, Cordova, Argentina
“Rhumbos de Nueva York” – Regional Museum, Conaculta, Morelia, Mexico
“SOFA” – ArtEmpresa, New York



› Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition BWAC, Curator’s Choice
› Soho International 92, Montserrat Gallery, Soho New York, Certificate of Excellence    
› C. Lorrilard Wolfe Art Club 96th Annual Competition, New York, juried by J. Strict
› “Beyond the Boundaries” National Annual Exhibition, W.C.A, Seattle
› Open Studio – Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
› Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Reston Arts Center, Reston, Virginia
› Pen and Brush, 45th National Competition, New York, New York
  Honorable Mention for the sculpture “No – The Gas Mask”
› Foothills Gallery North American Competition Foothills, Colorado
      Silver Medallion for “On Her Mind”
› Montserrat Gallery, Certificate of Excellence (3 works)
› South Bend Indiana Art Museum, Honorable Mention for “In a Leap from Her Bed”



“A LIFE IN BRONZE” (USA) http://leahpoller.com/video/
Leah Poller: Mirrors of the soul
“Counting”    in collaboration with Capucine Bourcart and Salem Krieger
#4the Artist podcast with Melissa Sharee and Eric Seats
Manhattan Artists Interview



Real Reality”, Guest Editor, New Observations Magazine, 2019
“The Verb: To Art, Telephone Visual Art, Crosstown Press, pps 138-144, 2021



“The Portrait”, Artists Talk On Art
“Leah Poller”, #4 the Artist with Melissa Sharee and Eric Seats
“Voyage”, Miami blog, http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-leah-poller/



New York Society of Women Artists (NYSWA) Member (1 of 23 nationally) created 1925. Chairperson and Board Member
Member of Silvermine Sculpture Guild
Member of New York Artists Equity
Founder – Artformsus – a Harlem collective
Co-founder Visible/Invisible: Conversations on art
Board Member and Contributing Editor: New Observations
The Sculpture Society
New York Artists Circle
Artists Talk on Art


Leah Poller Short Form CV

Leah Poller has exhibited her work worldwide in galleries, museums, institutions, and public spaces since 1998. She has won many distinguished awards and her work is in major international collections.  

Currently her work is divided into 4 categories: Bed – a study of this ubiquitous object in all the declensions of its existence in language; Portraits – a representational metamorphosis of the internal thoughts  of her subject, externalized into an intimate reading of the soul; Gentrification  a study of the artist’s life as it moves through the process of gentrification and Suchness – the unquitous turned art in the artist’s personal life. 

Places:  Knox Gallery  Arnot Museum    Museo Regional Michoacana    Edward Dean Museum   ArtinFlux  Casa Diego Rivera    Iona College  Contemporary Art Asia   Washington Square Windows at NYU   Museo del Barrio  Blue Mountain Gallery Grounds for Sculpture  Kismet Gallery    Mexican Cultural Institute of New York  Yellow Peril Gallery   Claypool Young Museum  Ofivalmo    Capitol One Bank    Zero Gallery  National Building Museum   Portals Gallery   Centro Cultural Sefaradi    Mercedes Benz Gallery of New York     Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy    Fleet Bank     Galleria Dante     Centro Cultural San Angel    Galerie Treger     Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia    North Fork Bank   Duveen Gallery     Fordham University    Stamford Connecticut Art Walk    SouthBend Indiana Art Museum    YIN YANG Social Laboratory of New York    SOFA  Washington DC Project for the Arts     National Museum of American Art    Greater Reston Arts Center   Portrait Gallery 798 Beijing  Monmouth University  Museo del Barrio  Radcliff University Museo del Bario 

Cities:  Phoenix    Beijing   Guadalajara    Harlem   New York    Mexico City    Miami Beach    Harrison   Hong Kong  Los Angeles   Paris    Nanchang    Palm Springs    Tucson  Hong Kong   Bethesda  New Orleans    Puerta Valalrta  Elmhurst Washington   Morelia   Boca Raton   Tribeca    Bethesda    South Bend    Moorehead     Soho  Chicago   Naples   New Rochelle Shanghai   Boulder    New Hope     Stamford      Birmingham   Providence   Morelia  Santa Fe   Manhasset   Harrison   Cordova South Bend   Asheville

Awards:  Pen and Brush   Artists’ Equity    Washington Project for the Arts    South Bend Indiana Museum  C. Lorrrilard Wolfe Institute   National Galleries of the Smithsonian Institute   Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition 

Commissions: Fred Ho, legendary saxophonist  Thamir Al Kaisi, French artist    Michelle Kornbluh, portrait of a young girl    Laura Alexis, French cinema actress    Dany Meadows, French author    Serge Ber, art specialist     Enrique Guzman de Acevedo, Latin American correspondent to the White House    Ever Gordon, Jamaican poet and jazz musician    Lionel Vielot, dancer   Jasem, Rastafarian

Collections: Soaring Words, International Children’s Charity    John Demaio,Esq., Attorney   Alain Baudry, French Publisher     Dr. Maurice Tran Dinh Cahn    Mr. Serge Ber, antique dealer    Laura McCann, CEO of Adoratherapy, Inc.     John Hechinger, CEO Hechinger Corp     Edilberto Reyes, CPA    Dr. and Mrs. A. Wise     Madeline McConnell, Art Consultant    Jayson and Tassi Amster, Attorneys     Marite Bonnal, Author     Kenneth Kornbluh, CEO Marketing Pilot, Inc.   D. Doane,  CEO Custom Foods     Amal Warren, jeweler to the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi    Olivier Dieudonne, Investment Banker    Dr. Francois Elmai, DDS     Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen    Jerome Bonnouvrier, CEO – DNA Model Agency    David Ramsey, Bell Laboratories  Franck Biton, financial advisor  Anne Cheer, Chinese industrialist Diane Artal, attorney  Connie Lee, gallerist  Lionel Lu, Chinese Designer, Wei Legand, master calligrapher    Lukas Biton, IT strategian  

Films: Leah Poller by Dall Wilson   A Life in Bronze by Jason Ano/Chassey Reyes   Leah Poller  – A Life in Bronze by Dangerous Media    Counting, in collaboration with Capucine Bourcart and Salem Krieger

Affiliiations:  New Observations  New York Society of Women Artists  National Museum of Women    Association for International Artists  Artist Organized Art  Artist Round Table  Women’s Museum   Silvermine Guild  National Artists Equity    Women’s Caucus for the Arts    Washington Sculpture Guild    Association des Sculpteurs   Friends of the Museum of the Americas    Pen and Brush (Who’s Who of American Women)  New York Atists Circle

Bibliography: “Real    Reality,The Transgression of Fact.  New Observations   #4theartist (podcast)   SeeMe   Manhattan Arts (podcast)   ArtistsTalkOnArt (podcast)   

 “International Arts and Artists”  Good News Planet “The Unmade Bed Project” (Blurb Books)  “Light Space Time  Artsy  Garden Collage  Digital Journal  “In Bed, sculptor shows circle of Life,” China Daily   “Appreciation of Leah Poller and her Beds”, by Cliff Johns, The Potomac   “Circle of Life”,  China Express    “La Provincia”, Mexico    “Acento”, La Voz de Michoacan,  Morelia,  Mexico    “Semana de la Cultura” , La Voz, Michoacan, Mexico    “Leah’s Beds”, Cate Mclare, Boca Sentinal    “Global Frontrunners” , Profile Magazine    “Casting Your Bed in Bronze”, The Artist’s Magazine     “Exhibit celebrates surreatists fascination with Bedfellows”, Spotlight Chicago    “Bed Puns”, by Fred Camper, Chicago Reader,     “A Question of Culture”, Eyewash, Washington DC    “The Symbolic Bed”, Mitchell Snow, Washington, DC    “A Question of Culture”, Eyewash, Washington, DC  

Poller lives and works in Harlem, New York City. She divides her time between NY, France, Italy and China