Parasol Bed

Beijing, China

Styrofoam, plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, paint, paper, glue, string

As the only foreign artist to be selected for Beijing’s Zero Gallery Biennial of Female Sculptors, Poller was given a one-person exhibition and uniquely requested to create the centerpiece installation for the exhibition of works by the 16 female Chinese sculptors selected for the biennale “Made in China”.

Larger than king-size bed, comprised of more than 750 paper parasols, this commission has colorful striping and the “Zero” motif from the parasols echoed on the floors and walls. The ubiquitous “Lucky Cat” beckons viewers to augment their riches. The colossal fortunes of the 21st Century Chinese mega economy actually began in part with the penny parasol. Though barely weighing an ounce each, thousands of tons of these same parasols are shipped annually from China to the US today.